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Co je irský tanec

Irish dances are folk dances originating from Ireland. Traditionally, these dances were performed at weddings, celebrations, and other social events. There are several types of Irish dances, including solo dances, group dances, and dances for couples. They are danced to Irish music (reel, jig, slip jig, polka, hornpipe, etc.). The Irish say, "the music will tell you," and they're right. The music is so catchy that even if you forget the dance steps, you'll joyfully come up with your own.

They are divided into the following types:


Solo dance high on the tips of soft shoes (ghillies). Suitable even for complete beginners.


Solo dance in special shoes for Irish step. We focus on both new and choreographies over 100 years old.


Social dances that utilize basic steps from soft shoe technique. Circular, line, quadrilles, and more.

Step dancing
Tanec vysoko na špičkách. Horní polovinu těla tanečníci drží v klidu a paže u těla. Tento druh tance pravděpodobně znáte ze známých tanečních show jako jsou například Riverdance, Lord of the Dance, Celtic Tiger, Rhythm of the Dance, Fusion Fighters a dalších.

Set dancing

Social dances that combine the elegance of French quadrilles with the liveliness of Irish music. You'll commonly see them at Irish ceilis. Dancers often add battering to the music with their feet.

Sean nós

In translation from Irish, it means "old style". An older form of traditional solo Irish dance. Unlike step dancing, the feet are close to the ground, and the dancer freely moves their arms.

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